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We are able to look back on a long history of understanding. Listening intently, understanding the world as seen through the eyes of students, learning to understand all aspects and thinking ahead. We are passionate about not being satisfied with the first solution that might get the job done. Rather, we continue fine-tuning it until we come up with a true advantage for everyone.

We are working to create a perfect meeting place, food source and space giving well balanced relax and excitement. In Dokapi, everyone is more than welcome to visit, perform, create and cooperate. Listen to music or make music. Eat delicious meals or cook them. Drink refreshing drinks or serve them if you brew them. Dance or sit and look at people dancing. We are free here.

Opening hours:
Mo, Tue, Wed 10:00 - 18:00
Thu 10:00 - 22:00

Our cooking days are every Tuesday and Thursday, but there is more! 

hg0088怎么注册We will see you there!

ÖH Dokapi

Veranstaltungsreferentin Laura Juracevic 
Kontakt OEH.Dokapi@pmendustri.com

Fon  +43.732.7898.2492

Organisationsreferent Antonio Zingaro
Kontakt OEH.Dokapi@pmendustri.com

Fonhg0088怎么注册  +43.732.7898.2492